Tourism And Travel Management In Portugal Tourism Essay

To see the universe has been a childhood dream of mine since an early age. Although nil will alter my passion for my place state, I besides have a great passion for seeing and sing the place states of other people. I believe that the people of the universe who are fortunate plenty to hold the ability to go should do an attempt to see foreign states. The benefits that spring from universe travel are legion. By going and interacting with people from other civilizations one can assist those other people understand where they come from. Experiencing another individual ‘s place state may assist one better appreciate their ain. I frequently wonder if people in the Middle East could detest Americans every bit much as they do if they had really met one before they attacked the U.S. , or if it would be so easy for people to disregard the human rights misdemeanors in Africa if they personally had an African friend. On a trip to the Dominican Republic I established several friendly relationships with the Dominican people. Not merely do I feel like I helped them understand American civilization, I besides feel like I was able to larn more about their civilization. I now have a personal connexion with the Dominican Republic, and would care more if something good or bad happened there than I would otherwise. Because it may non be executable for me to see every state in the universe, I am doing an attempt to see every continent at some point in my life. So in the spirit of travel shortly begins my journey to Western Europe.

Upon graduating in the spring of 2011, I will observe by kicking off my going dream by sing several topographic points across Western Europe. The list includes Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, England, Scotland, and Ireland. I will loop my travel and pass the full summer traveling between the parts, passing approximately 2 hebdomads in each. The intent of this study is to concentrate on the first halt, Portugal.

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Area History and Customss:

Compared to the United States, Portugal has a really long history as a state and this is reflected in everything from its historic architecture to its alone cultural traditions. Geographically, Portugal is a instead little state, somewhat smaller than the size of Indiana ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 ) . Portugal ‘s long history spans over 11 defined “ periods ” runing from the age of campaigns and monarchy, to periods of imperium and find, and even times of absolutism and democracy ( History of Portugal, 2004 ) . One of these historical periods of accomplishment that Portugal may be most celebrated for is the Age of Discovery. Lusitanian adventurers such as Vasco de Gama and Magellan set Forth on their geographic expeditions from Portugal. It was during this clip that Portugal expanded its imperium, settling locations in Brazil, Africa, and India and procuring trade in the Indian Ocean ( Eyewitness Portugal, 48 ) . Portugal has experienced regulation under a assortment of foreign influences including the Moors, the Romans, and the Spanish ; and residuary influences from these forces upon Portugal have taken signifier in everything from their architecture to their faith and cultural patterns.

Present twenty-four hours Lusitanian people are by and large mild-mannered, easy-going, and polite ( Eyewitness Portugal, 15 ) . When going to Portugal I should anticipate to happen a usually friendly and relaxed people, whom frock officially and cautiously, yet enjoy merriment, laughing, and general merry-making ( Eyewitness Portugal 15 ) . A few more cultural points of note sing the Portuguese are faith, linguistic communication, and amusement. The Portuguese are overpoweringly Catholic, and faith is profoundly embedded in the Portuguese life style, particularly in the North ( Eyewitness Portugal, 16 ) . The Portuguese besides take great pride in their linguistic communication, and although it may look similar to Spanish, it would be dissing to propose that in forepart of a Lusitanian individual ( Eyewitness Portugal, 16 ) . Last, the Portuguese are by and large really enthusiastic about football ( association football ) and fado ( a musical manner ) , both of which they enjoy watching and playing in their leisure clip ( Eyewitness Portugal 17 ) .

Although these generalisations may turn out true most of the clip, I will non allow them tinct my outlooks of Lusitanian people, and during my travels I hope to happen my ain definitions and descriptions of the mean Lusitanian individual. As I have learned turning up in America, there are stereotypes and generalisations about Americans, and there are besides distinguishable differences between Americans from different parts and provinces, but stereotypes are ne’er 100 % true, and as I visit different parts and metropoliss in Portugal I will be certain to maintain this in head.

Travel Motivations:

As I stated earlier, my travel motives stem from a love of universe travel, a passion for larning more about universe civilizations, and a desire to do connexions with persons across the Earth. During my stay in Portugal I hope to:

1 ) Learn more about Portugal ‘s history and development as a state ; visit some of Portugal ‘s historical landmarks, Parkss, museums, palaces, and more

2 ) Learn more about Lusitanian civilization and amusement ; listen to the alone “ Fado ” manner of music

3 ) Experience Lusitanian civilization in both the urban and the rural scenes ; visit two of Portugal ‘s largest and most celebrated metropoliss ( Porto and Lisbon – The Capital )

4 ) Interact with the people of Portugal at every chance, including from stores, inns, and eating houses

5 ) Have the chance to learn person I meet about America, represent the United States of America good ( non be an “ Ugly-American ” tourer )

Hopefully at the terminal of my full trip I will non merely have a greater apprehension and grasp for Lusitanian civilization, but besides that of the six other locations I visit. I want to do my experience every bit immersive as possible and will do attempts to interact, larn, and explore everything each state, metropolis, and town has to offer at every halt and every bend.

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Overview of Tourism Development:

Throughout my research of Portugal, chiefly of the metropoliss and towns I will be remaining in, I found that the country was well-equipped and prepared to suit and function tourers. There were plentifulness of hotels, inns, eating houses, and activities to make ; most of which were directed towards a touristry crowd. Harmonizing to Wikipedia ( 2010 ) , “ Portugal attracts many tourers each twelvemonth. In 2006, the state was visited by 12.8 million tourers. Tourism is playing an progressively of import function in Portugal ‘s economic system lending with approximately 5 % of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) . ” Because of the heavy function touristry plays in the economic system, I can by and large anticipate to be accommodated most topographic points I travel within Portugal, and have planned out my trip in such a manner that I will already cognize where I am remaining each dark.

Although Portugal is one of the safest states in the universe, ranking # 13 on the Global Peace Index ( 2010 ) , there are still some safeguards travellers should take when sing Portugal, or any other state for that affair. As the SafeTravel Website describes, “ Portugal is by and large a safe state with a low offense rate, although you have to be more careful in the larger metropoliss, particularly Lisbon, which has many cutpurses. But you should watch out for the traffic, particularly on the IP5 and the N125 ( the chief path to the touristed Algarve ) , which have often proved lifelessly ( 2010 ) . ” I will non be driving in any of my travels through Portugal, and instead I will pass most of my travel clip on mass theodolite or walking. However, when walking, particularly when traversing streets, I should be cognizant that route safety is a concern and expression before I cross. To minimise the chance of being targeted by a cutpurse I have budgeted out my money in front of clip for all activities. Rather than transport my billfold around with me everyplace and hazard losing bank cards and drivers licences, I will transport hard currency with me and maintain it distribute out in assorted pockets. I will besides avoid drawing out big amounts of hard currency in public topographic points and be certain I have what I need for activities nutrient, and shopping, before go forthing the inn.

Currency/Visa Requirements:

Portugal, as a member of the European Union, uses the Euro as its signifier of currency. As of 27 July 2011, the current exchange rate for Euros to American Dollars is 1 Euro = 1.2982 United States Dollars. Although a passport is required for United States citizens to see Portugal, a visa is non required for tourer corsets of less than 90 yearss ( Visa Requirements, 2010 ) .


Summer Overview


Arrival Time

Departure Time

United States

May 23, 2011

Portuguese republic

May 24, 2011

June 5, 2011


June 5, 2011

June 20, 2011


June 20, 2011

July 4, 2011


July 4, 2011

July 18, 2011


July 18, 2011

August 1, 2011


August 1, 2011

August 15, 2011

Irish republic

August 15, 2011

August 29, 2011

United States

August 30, 2011

Degree centigrades: Documents and SettingsGarrettMy DocumentsMy PicturesPortuga lTrip Planningwesterneurope map2.JPG

Portugal Daily Itinerary

Day 1: May 23, 2011 – Travel Day { Richmond, Newark, Portugal }


Arrive at RIC


Flight Departs

Continental Airlines ( Flight CO2505 )

$ 217.40 USD ( Round-Trip )

$ 108.70 USD ( For this flight )


Flight lands in EWR


Dinner in EWR

Burger King

$ 8.50 USD


Flight Departs EWR

Air Portugal ( Flight TAP114 )

629.28 a‚¬ ( $ 813.10 USD ) One-Way

Day 2: May 24, 2011 – Arrival in Porto, Portugal


Flight Lands in Porto

Air Portugal ( Flight TAP114 )


Security/ Customss

Porto Airport


Depart Airport

Metro: To Trindade Station

Andante Tour Pass ( 3 yearss )

{ Unlimited usage of tube, coach, and suburban train }


Arrive Trindade Station

Walk to Accommodation


Arrive at Accommodation

“ The Spot ” Hostel

Rua Goncalo Cristovao No12 ; Porto, Portugal

20 a‚¬ per dark ( 2 darks )

$ 51.00 USD


Drop off Baggage at

( in Luggage Storage Room )

“ The Spot ” Hostel

Rua Goncalo Cristovao No12 ; Porto, Portugal


non until 1400


Breakfast at Local Cafe

Budget: 7.50 a‚¬


Walk Around City

Sightsing Operation, Relax and Enjoy sights and soundsaˆ¦


Visit Igreja de Sao Francisco

( Church of Saint Francis )

UNESCO World Heritage Site

3.50 a‚¬

( $ 4.50 USD )


Leave Igreja de Sao Francisco

Continue walking westward down by river, go throughing historic Alfandega Nova, so head north towards Jardim district attorney Cordoaria ( Park ) .


After basking walk and park, acquire tiffin at a local cafe/restaurant

Budget: 10.50 a‚¬


Walk back to “ The Topographic point ”

Check into room, take sleep ( Recover from jet slowdown ) , shower


Take tube from Trindade to Matosinhos Sul Station

From Matosinhos Sul walk to beach


Walk down beach to see the Forte de Sao Francisco Xavier do Queijo ( Castle of the Cheese )

After basking castle position and walk back to the beach and relax


Head to Buhle eating house near beach for dinner

Budget: 20.00 a‚¬ ( $ 25.00 USD )


Head back to beach to watch sundown

{ Sunset clip: 2054 }


Take tube back to Trindade Station and “ The Topographic point ” so to Sao Bento Station in Ribeira territory


Visit Restaurante O Fado for some traditional “ Portugal Blues ” music and/or Ryan ‘s Irish Pub for some Guinness

Budget: 7 a‚¬

( $ 9.00 USD )


Take tube back to Trindade Station and “ The Spot ” ; travel to kip

Day 3: May 25, 2011 Porto, Portugal


Wake Up


Complimentary Breakfast


Walk to AntoA„io Fernandes ( Grocery Store )

Buy tiffin and dinner points

Budget: 12 a‚¬

( $ 15.00 USD )


Walk back to “ The Topographic point ”

Drop off food markets, battalion tiffin to hold on-the-go


Take Metro to Casa de Musica

“ House of Music ” concert hall


Tour Casa de Musica

Cost: 3 a‚¬ ( $ 4.00 USD ) ( Beginning: Lonely Planet Book – Portuguese republic )


Leave Casa de Musica

Walk to Monumento aos Herois district attorney Guerra Peninsular ( Park )


Eat Lunch in Park


Take tube to Sao Bento Station, walk around/tour the cathedral territory ; sights may include:

( Sao Bento Station, The Fernandine Walls, Santa Clara Church, Terreiro da Se )


Walk to Ponte Dom Luis ( Bridge ) for position over Douro river and metropolis


Head back to Sao Bento Station ; Take tube and walk back to “ The Topographic point ”


Prepare dinner in kitchen and eat dinner


Head to “ Hot Five Jazz and Blues Club ” to bask some local music

Budget: 7 a‚¬ ( $ 9.00 USD )


Be Back at “ The Spot ” and acquire some slumber

Day 4: May 26, 2011 Travel to Aveiro, Portugal


Wake Up, Eat Breakfast, Prepare to Leave


Take Metro from Trindad Station to Campanha Station ; board train at Campanha Train Station


Train Departs Campanha Station caputs for Aveiro

Monetary value: 9.50 a‚¬ ( $ 12.30 USD )


Train arrives in Aveiro eat tiffin at local eating house

Budget: 7.00 a‚¬ ( $ 9.00 USD )


Check into “ BiniBag Guest House ” ( Hostel )

Monetary value 2 Nights: 32 a‚¬ ( $ 41. 30 USD )


Walk to tourism info. centre

“ Rent ” Bike, ride around town

Monetary value: 1a‚¬ { returned when motorcycle is }


Return Bike, Walk to little park near canal


Walk to “ Carrefour ”

( Grocery Store )

Buy nutrient for 2 dinners, 2 tiffins

Budget: 35 a‚¬ ( $ 45.20 USD )


Walk back to BiniBag House, Cook Dinner

Eat so loosen up on rooftop of BiniBag Hostel


Open Night: explore, read a book, store, night life, or kip

Budget: 20 a‚¬ ( $ 25.80 USD )

Day 5: May 27, 2011 Aveiro Lagoons, Museums, and Cathedrals


Wake Up,

Complimentary Breakfast at BiniBag Hostel

( Pack Lunch to hold today )


Boat circuit of Lagoon

Information and Pricing at Tourist Center

Cost: Unknown ( Budget: 10 a‚¬ )


Lunch ( packed )

Eat wherever, sooner near canals/outdoors


Head to Museum of Aveira

Tour the museum

Monetary value: –


After Leaving the museum halt by Se Cathedral de Aveiro and Igreja de Sao Joao Evangelista

Two historical cathedrals in the country, worth look intoing out


Head Back to BiniBag Hostel and Cook Dinner

Eat/Relax on Rooftop


Open Night: explore, read a book, store, night life, or kip

Budget: 20 a‚¬ ( $ 25.80 USD )

Day 6: May 28, 2011 Depart Aveiro, Head for Coimbra


Wake Up

Complimentary Breakfast at Binibag Hostel

Pack up prepare to go forth


Depart Aveiro via Train

26 minute train drive

Monetary value: 9.50 a‚¬ ( $ 12.30 USD )


Arrive in Coimbra

Get Snack at a local eating house

Budget: 5 a‚¬ ( $ 6.50 )


Check into Grande Hostel de Coimbra

Drop off baggage

Price ( 3 darks ) : 45 a‚¬ ( $ 58.14USD )


Head to Antonio O Dinis Santos ( Grocery )

2 breakfasts, 2 tiffins, 2 dinners

Budget: 35 a‚¬ ( $ 45.22 USD )


Walk to Museu district attorney Ciencia district attorney Universidade de Coimbra

Science Museum affiliated with nearby university

Monetary value: 3 a‚¬ ( 3.87 USD )


Leave Museum, caput to Democratica ( eating house ) for dinner ; inexpensive popular topographic point with local pupils [ Not open on Sunday ]

Budget: 10 a‚¬ ( $ 12.92 USD )


Walk down historic Rua district attorney Sofia ( one of the metropolis ‘s chief thoroughfares ) classified as a national memorial

Day 7: May 29, 2011 Kayaking Trip


Wake Up, cook and eat breakfast, prepare for kayaking trip


Get picked up for kayaking trip on Rio Mondego

Company: “ O Pioneiro do Mondego ”

( Pack tiffin to hold with me )

Monetary value: 20 a‚¬


Tax return from kayaking trip, caput back to Hostel to lavish, alteration, and cook dinner


Travel to “ aCapella ” ( local student-run saloon having unrecorded Fado music every dark )

Budget: 10 a‚¬ ( $ 12.92 USD )


Back to Hostel and kip

Day 8: May 30, 2011 Researching the metropolis of Coimbra


Wake up, cook/eat breakfast


Spend twenty-four hours walking about historic territory, battalion tiffin,

Entire Cost/Budget 10a‚¬ ( $ 12.92 USD )


Sightss and Michigans will include:

– Selenium Velha de Coimbra ( Old Cathedral of Coimbra ) { 3 a‚¬ } ;

-Largo district attorney Portagem ( Plaza with shopping and coffeehouse ) { 5 a‚¬ budget } ;

– Jardim Botanico ( Botanical Gardens ) { free } ; eat packed tiffin here

-Igreja vitamin E Mosteiro de Santa Cruz ( Church and Monastery of Santa Cruz ) , { free, can pay 1 a‚¬ to see religious residence }

-Jardim de Manga ( Manga Garden ) , little park with interesting fountain { free }

-Patio district attorney Inquisicao, ( Headquarters of Portuguese Inquisition ) keeps and tormenting occurred here { free }


Head back to Hostel, Prepare and eat dinner


Day 9: May 31, 2011 Last Day in Coimbra, Travel to Fatima


Wakeup, Prepare and eat Breakfast


Walk around Praca do Comercio ( commercial square ) ; shop eat little brunch at local cafe

Budget: 12 a‚¬


Head to Train Station, Catch Train go forthing at 1519 for Fatima

Monetary value: 10 a‚¬ ( $ 12.92 USD )


Arrive in Fatima, Check into Luna Fatima Plaza ( Hotel )

Monetary value: 15 a‚¬ ( 1 Night )


Walk to MiniMercado Eva ( Grocery ) , Buy Breakfast and Lunch points

Budget: 15 a‚¬ ( $ 19.40 USD )


Eat Dinner at “ Restaurante a Grehla ” ( Traditional Portuguese grill )

Budget: 12 a‚¬ ( $ 15.50 USD )


Go see Capela hyraxs Aparicoes ( Chapel of Apparitions ) { Apparent Location of Appearance of Virgin Mary }

Monetary value: Free


Free dark, explore, perchance travel to Lerias saloon, read, kip

Budget: 5 a‚¬ ( $ 6.50 USD )

Day 10: June 1, 2011 Ourem Castle and travel to Lisbon


Wake up, eat breakfast


Head to Ourem via cab or coach

Budget: 15a‚¬


Tour Castle at Ourem, eat packed tiffin, explore environing country

Price/Budget: 5 a‚¬


Head back to Fatima, prepare to catch 1755 Train to Lisbon

Train Price a‰? 10 a‚¬


Arrive in Lisbon ( Entrecampos Station ) , take tube to Baixa/Chiada Station

3-Day Lisboa Card ( Free Public Transport and State Museum Entry )

Monetary value: 35 a‚¬ ( $ 45.22 USD )


Check into Smile Hostel

Monetary value: ( 3 darks ) 48 a‚¬ ( $ 62 USD )


Eat inexpensive dinner at local restaurant/cafe

Budget: 7 a‚¬ ( $ 9 USD )


Explore country for interesting night life

Budget: 15 a‚¬ ( $ 19.38 USD )

Day 11: June 2, 2011 First Full Day in Lisbon ( Historic sites in the Alfama Area ) )


Wake up, eat breakfast at a local cafe

Budget: 4 a‚¬ ( $ 5.17 USD )


Walk to Supermercado Chen ” ( grocery shop ) purchase food markets for remainder of stay

Budget: 40 a‚¬ ( $ 51.68 USD )


Walk to and research St. George ‘s Castle

Monetary value 5 a‚¬ ( 30 % Discount w/ Lisboa Card ) { 3.50 a‚¬ }


Lunch, so visit Museu Militar ( Lusitanian Military Museum )

Monetary value: 3 a‚¬ ( 20 % Discount w/ Card ) { 2.40 a‚¬ }


Visit Sao Vicente de Fora ( Church of St. Vincent – Lisbon ‘s Patron Saint )

Monetary value: Free


Roll around “ Feira district attorney Ladra ” ( Thieves Market ) look into out this celebrated market

Budget: 3 a‚¬


Visit Se Cathedral de Lisboa ( The metropolis ‘s cathedral ) , visit religious residence

Free, Pay 2.50 a‚¬ for religious residence


Walk back to inn, base on balls by Church of Santo Antonio, cook and fix dinner


Walk to waterfront, position sundown at a‰? 2056


Checkout local night life, seek to see some unrecorded fado music

Budget: 7 a‚¬

Day 12: June 3, 2011 Second Day in Lisbon


Wake up, eat breakfast


Rent a “ GoCar ” , drive around metropolis on self-guided circuit

Pick up is near Hostel


Visit Belem Tower

( besides eat tiffin )

Historic fortress and memorial to Portugal ‘s age of find

Free with Lisboa card


Visit Palacio district attorney Ajuda ( historic castle turned museum )

Free with Lisboa card


Walk around Belem, visit anything that tickles my illusion

Budget: 10a‚¬ , attempt to take advantage of Lisboa Card


Head back to Hostel and Eat Dinner


Open dark, do whatever

Budget: 15 a‚¬

Day 13: June 4, 2011 Last Day in Lisbon ( and Portugal )


Wake up, eat breakfast

Budget for day-to-day activities: 20 a‚¬


Head to the beach, spend most of the twenty-four hours at/around the beach loosen uping /soaking last spot of Portuguese Sun


Head to any Historical locations of note that I may hold seen on GoCar circuit but did n’t research on pes


Dinner at Local Restaurant

Budget: 15-20 a‚¬


Enjoy last spot of Portuguese dark life

Budget: 10-18 a‚¬

Day 14: June 5, 2011 Depart Portugal, Head for Spain


Wake Up, Breakfast, Pack, Check out of Hostel


Catch Bus from Lisbon to Madrid ( arrives in Madrid 2030 )

Monetary value: 45 a‚¬

Entire Cost of Vacation [ Portugal ]


Price ( a‚¬ )

Price ( $ USD )


( Airlines, Metro, Busesaˆ¦ )












Misc. Activities / Shopping