Hardest Thing I’Ve Ever Done Essay

Hardest thing Eve ever done. I was on the court in the hot sunny day. Running around, hitting balls, it was the Change Championship final round in Aching Rat. I was playing against an opponent who was actively playing to become a champion. I could see it in his eyes and wouldn’t wonder why he played that well. I was also extremely nervous that me playing my standard wouldn’t equal the opponent. Still Eve tried as hard as possible to keep my standard of playing going.

It was a very tensed game at the beginning of first set the score was 4-4. It was my turn to serve and I was confident that I would lead him a game. I finally won the game it was fast but not easy at all, for each shots we have to rally to 10 strokes and the game was very exciting . The crowd clapped and cheered with courage. We were resting on the courtesies for the court switch, it was extremely hot and the water Just tasted as a dream. After a rest for 1 minute it was now his turn to serve.

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He paused for a moment gaining his focus and started the game. It was a close on which he was leading me 40-0 and I managed to make my comeback to 40-40 and won the game by 6-4. I was very happy and feeling energetic though I spent lots of energy on that set. Finally the second set I was well prepared for an attack from the opponent but couldn’t manage to keep the points on my side. His game was different from last time and I didn’t know what to do. After points go by, I still couldn’t figure out how to play against his strategies.

The more I tried the more I used up my energy and I felt horrible and weary. He leaded me by 0-5; Just one more game and I would lose the set. Suddenly I heard my mum telling me from the courtesies that I did well, you’ve got nothing to lose. After that sudden moment I felt cheerful and started cheering myself up with courage of winning. It was tiring and I till made it point by point of hard work for each shots, finally it’s my match point after 0-5 to 6-5.

All the wind Just changed to my side and I was very lively, all the pressures were gone all the sudden. It was his serve but his serve had weaken from a very long set. Yet he still tried to serve as hard as he did before. I returned very nicely and it was an amazing shot for me the ball Just boosted through the line of the court straight as a ruler, till the ball hit the ground. I didn’t realize the ball was in till the referee made his hand action that represents in. The crowd applauded and it’s finally game, set and match.